Theological reflector

Wednesday theological reflector

Theological reflector Dr Margaret Campbell turned to the music of noted US composer Steve Reich in her final presentation to the Synod.
Dr Campbell said there was energy, or a sense of momentum in Reich’s Three Movements.

“There has been an energy in this Synod – an energy to discuss issues that affect many people very deeply. An energy to move forward as a Synod addressing questions of sustainability and also celebrating the life, the care, the creativity and the commitment to Christ throughout the Uniting Church in Victoria and Tasmania.”

Over the past five days Dr Campbell said members had listened to many voices.

“Some have spoken once, some have spoken a number of times. Some have spoken with confidence (and) others have spoken more tentatively.”

But she said each voice had added to the texture of the conversation and the mood of the discussion changed, sometimes quickly and sometimes gradually.

Dr Campbell said careful decision making was part of the Church’s DNA.

“Consensus allows for greater ebb and flow of tension and resolution, to try to be open to the guidance of the Spirit.

“In this Synod many decisions have been made easily but with some proposals the tension has been present over a number of days.”

Private conversations, time spent in working groups and many other experiences had contintributed to the ebb and flow of individual experiences.

“Warmth, enthusiasm, frustration, nervousness, passion, tears, joy, anger, weariness, encouragement and humour are among the many reactions I have observed and felt.”

Dr Campbell said she had been moved, inspired and encouraged in her faith by the ‘courageous’ sharing of stories at the meeting.
“We are moving forward together and moving to the rhythm of the Gospel.”