Thanks for Russ’ stewardship

Thanks for Russ’ stewardship

The Synod has paid tribute to the retiring chairperson of its Finance Committee Russ Rechner for his ‘extraordinary leadership’.

In a Minute of Appreciation members were told that Mr Rechner had made a significant contribution over many years to the Church.

Mr Rechner was appointed inaugural Chair of the Synod Risk Management Committee in December 2007, serving for seven years before becoming Chairperson of the Synod Finance Committee.

He has also served as a member of the Property Board since 2014.

Members were told that as Chairperson of the Risk Management Committee, Mr Rechner led the shaping of the Committee as a body committed to identifying and understanding the risks for the whole Synod and its entities.

The Executive Director of Administration and Finance Pauline Ms McGillivray said he played a pivotal role, as Chairperson of the Finance Committee, in providing leadership, financial analysis, wise financial stewardship and guidance in decision making to support the Church as a whole.

Mr McGillivray said Mr Rechner’s commitment to the Church, his faithfulness, his reinforcing of the importance of good stewardship and his understanding of God’s mission had been constantly demonstrated.

“Russ has the aptitude to clearly determine the critical and complex issues that have been brought to committees to consider, and his ability to wordsmith clear and succinct minutes and resolutions is exceptional,’’ she said.

She described Mr Rechner as a sensitive and insightful person who had supported management in the delivery of the best practice principles in the way information and practices were provided to the wider Church.

“He is highly respected by committee members and management, and when he speaks people listen,’’ she said.

Ms McGillivray said the Finance Committee would miss his extraordinary leadership.

Synod members prayed for Mr Rechner, who was unable to attend the meeting because of illness.