North Korea

Praying for peace in North Korea

Director of the synod’s intercultural unit, Rev Swee-Ann Koh, asked the Synod to call on the Australian government to work with international partners to find a peaceful solution to escalating tension on the Korean Peninsula.

Mr Koh asked the Synod to call on the Commonwealth government to remove the barriers to peaceful dialogue and engagement in the region.

More than 70 Korean ministers serve throughout the Uniting Church nationally.

Mr Koh quoted UCA minister Rev Dr Jong Soo Park, who migrated to Australia from South Korea in 2003 and is the minister at Ocean Grove-Barwon Heads Uniting Church.

“Korea is the only country still divided into two nations due to the difference of ideology in the world since 1945,” Dr Park said.

“The danger of war in the Korean peninsula has rapidly increased because of North Korean’s development of ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles).

“The outbreak of war in Korea means an unimaginable disaster not only to Koreans but also to the world because it could be a nuclear war.”
Mr Koh asked the Synod to request its congregations pray for a peaceful resolution and stand in solidarity with its Korean brothers and sisters.

He also led the Synod in prayer.

Synod members unanimously supported the resolution.