Holding a mirror to Synod

Holding a mirror to Synod

In preparing the theological reflection for Monday night, Dr Margaret Campbell asked herself what it was that set the Uniting Church apart from other organisations.

She said that the unique characteristics of the UCA were particularly evident in the way meetings such as Synod were conducted.

Looking back over the day, Dr Campbell said she was particularly inspired – “blown away” – by the morning’s Bible study.

She could see how the themes of the study – caring for creation and the interconnectedness of all God’s creatures – were practically illustrated throughout the day.

Seeking community, compassion and justice was evident in the JIM unit proposals, First and Second Peoples walking together highlighted the need to listen for language we might not yet understand.

Dr Campbell said that as she listened she realised what sets the UCA apart is that worship grounds and brings us together.

She then asked what makes UCA leadership distinct. One difference is the consensus decision making process, where gifts of the whole people of God were used to ensue voices were heard.

“Time after time respectful questions have been respectfully answered,” she said.

Dr Campbell referred to the UCA’s Manual for Meetings, and said we are most fully human when we praise God.