Greg Crowe

Greg Crowe – always up for a chat

A murmur of laughter reverberated around the main hall of the Box Hill Town Hall as members agreed with the proposer of a minute of appreciation for Rev Greg Crowe, the outgoing chairperson of Commission for Mission.

Proposer Cheryl Lawrie suggested that one thing people appreciated about Greg’s ministry is that he is always up for a conversation and that his conversations are never dull.

“And how very much that is valued,” Ms Lawrie added.

“Greg always wants to know and learn more and has always had an intense curiosity about the world.”

Ms Lawrie particularly made note of the hours and hours of work Mr Crowe had undertaken behind the scenes, assisting in the transition of UnitingCare agencies into a single agency board.

This is relational work, Ms Lawrie said.

“Advocating the church for agencies, and the agencies for the church, Greg had the thankless role of being the bridge between church and agencies, speaking truth to power.

“Thank you for giving of yourself over and over.”

In response, Mr Crowe noted that he was really touched.

“I don’t recognise myself but I feel it deeply.

“It has been a gift to lead and participate in the church in this way and I have been blessed to work with a great team of staff and board members.

“I value relationships I have had with those outside of the CFM; the partnerships and relationships with board chairs and CEOs at agencies who have taught me about my vocation and the life of the church in the word.

“I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but am grateful for it.”

Warm applause erupted as the Synod resolved the minute of appreciation by consensus.