Getting to know the new Uniting

Getting to know the new Uniting

Uniting might have a long shared history with the Uniting Church, but with the emergence of one agency out of the many that operated under the UnitingCare and Wesley banners, there is something of a new need to get to know one another.

This invitation was extended to Synod 2017 members at lunch on Monday; to come and meet the board members and executive leadership team of Uniting for an informal chat.

Uniting board chair Bronwyn Pike introduced the session and Uniting advocacy and citizenship engagement general manager Quinn Pawson also spoke.

Mr Pawson said that Uniting’s board was currently setting its strategic direction and there were a whole ranges of ways for church people to engage.

He then introduced various Uniting board and staff members.
They dispersed among seats placed in four small circles of no more than 10.
There was soon some lively conversation.

Some Synod members expressed concerns that, as Uniting consolidates and centres in Melbourne, it risks losing touch with the grassroots support and interaction of church people.

There was also a concern voiced that with the former fundraising body Share being incorporated into Uniting it was less clear where donations would go to.

Mr Pawson said Uniting, especially under the guidance of director of mission Rev John Clarke, is making efforts to foster relationships with the churches and the church members who are such vital parts of the new agency’s work.