Five days turned into minutes

Five days turned into minutes

One minute speeches are a chance for Synod members to say whatever is on their mind, at least until the red light shows that 60 seconds is up, and plenty took the opportunity after lunch on Wednesday at Synod 2017.

The tone was generally thankful with appreciation expressed for the generally welcoming nature of the event, with one Tasmanian even moved to comment that despite being warned about being in a room full of Victorians “you weren’t stuffy at all.’’

A member who appeared on the ABC Lateline story about same-gender marriage conducted at Synod said she had people approach offer assistance if anyone was mean to her. She, however, found fellow members had been nothing but affirmative, showing it was space for grace.

Some noted the prominence of youthful members at the event and how that boded well for the future of the church.

However, one speaker did encourage members to recruit more young people and reminded them there was support available to prepare young first-timers.

A couple of members talked about issues of sovereignty and it was revealed that $1732 had been raised towards the Assembly appeal to build a new church in Mapoon in far north Queensland.

One of the Moderator’s chaplains read out a statement of a member pleading for church to act as one.

A member commented that the enduring theme he saw at Synod was courage, both collectively and for individuals.

Another said losing her own voice had actually been a blessing because it made her listen with great appreciation to everyone else.