David Pargeter appreciated in absentia

David Pargeter appreciated in absentia

Rev Greg Crowe reminisced about when he first met Rev David Pargeter, who concluded his time as executive director of the Commission for Mission in 2016 to return to congregational ministry.

He remembered meeting Mr Pargeter in the Gippsland presbytery, “when I was in my first placement in Gippsland presbytery and David was working in industrial chaplaincy”.

“His understanding of ministry and faith and work was deeply linked to those in the world,” Mr Crowe said.

“What David has done in ministry has been to continue to seek to understand the world and then to interpret the call of God in that.”

Mr Crowe told the Synod meeting that David was not here today as he is working in parish life where he can engage in issues of justice and peace making and reconciliation.

“The Commission owes a great debt of gratitude to David. David grappled with what these things were, but we miss his grappling.”

The Minute of Appreciation for Rev David Pargeter was accepted warmly by the Synod.